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Trafalgar House Dental Practice

Trafalgar House, Malpas Road, Truro, TR1 1QH

Health and Safety

Trafalgar House believes in placing patient safety above all else. That’s why we make a continual effort to stay apprised of new developments in the healthcare world and expect the highest standards of both ourselves and our staff. This enables us to deliver the most effective and safest treatments and practices to our patients. We do this in a number of ways:

• Follow and implement the latest infection guidelines from governing bodies including the NHS
• Diligently sterilise equipment or utilise single-use equipment
• Thoroughly clean and decontaminate all work areas including patient areas such as the dental chair and any equipment
• Prevent cross-contamination by exercising a high level of personal care
• Ensure all dental waterlines and fluid-dispensary systems are disinfected and cleaned
• Handle and dispose of all medical waste according to the appropriate legal procedures
• Train all of our staff in professional conduct and in the safeguarding of children and vulnerable people

The Practice Manager is responsible for identifying, assessing and developing actionable plans to mitigate risk. If you have any concerns please send these to us at

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