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Gum Treatments in Truro

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Taking care of your gums for a healthier, happier smile!

Gum treatments, essential components of dental care, aim to address and maintain the health of the gums. These procedures target various gum-related issues, sustaining optimal gum health and supporting a confident, vibrant smile.

Range of gum treatments

  1. Scaling and root planing
    Scaling and root planing involve a deep cleaning to remove plaque and tartar below the gumline, facilitating healing and restoring a healthy foundation for your gums.
  2. Gum grafting
    For receding gums, gum grafting transplants tissue to cover exposed tooth roots, promoting health and enhancing the aesthetics of your smile.
  3. Pocket reduction surgery
    In cases of advanced gum disease, pocket reduction surgery aims to reduce pockets formed between teeth and gums, simplifying the maintenance of gum health.
  4. Crown lengthening
    Crown lengthening reshapes the gum tissue to expose more of the tooth, addressing cosmetic concerns and facilitating restorative dental work.
The process
  • Effective gum treatments start with a thorough examination. Your dentist assesses your gums, identifying issues such as inflammation or recession to create a personalised treatment plan.
  • Advanced tools like X-rays provide a detailed look at your gums and supporting structures, ensuring the treatment plan is finely tuned to address your specific needs.

Benefits of gum treatments

  1. Promoting gum health
    Gum treatments, like scaling and root planing, work to eliminate plaque and tartar, supporting the healing of gum tissues and bringing them back to a healthier state.
  2. Aesthetics
    Procedures such as gum grafting and crown lengthening address concerns like receding gums and reshaping the gum line, resulting in a more visually appealing smile.
  3. Preventing tooth loss
    In cases of advanced gum disease, gum treatments play a crucial role in averting tooth loss. By tackling underlying issues and promoting gum stability, these treatments contribute significantly to preserving natural teeth.
  4. Improving speech
    Gum treatments contribute to enhanced speech clarity by addressing issues related to gum alignment and health, positively impacting communication.
  5. Preventing bad breath
    Gum treatments contribute to fresher breath by addressing the root causes of gum diseases. The elimination of bacteria and plaque helps maintain optimal oral hygiene, reducing the likelihood of persistent bad breath.
  6. Helping with sensitivity
    Specific gum treatments can alleviate gum sensitivity, providing relief and contributing to an overall feeling of comfort.

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    Gum Treatments

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